Ambermill is a human village located slightly southwest of Lordamere Lake in the Silverpine Forest. It is occupied by forces of the Kirin Tor, who are friendly to the Alliance. Ambermill is the only safe human settlement in Silverpine, counting in the worgen-infested Pyrewood Village. Dalaran soldiers protect the inhabitants from Forsaken and the forest’s other dangers. Ambermill is a haven for the Dalaran wizards who frequently survey the forest.LoC 104 Prior to the advent of the Third War, Ambermill was a relatively unimportant site in Silverpine Forest but following the rampage of the Scourge and Burning Legion through the northlands, the rebuilding wizards of Dalaran began to form plans for the strategic use of the hamlet. Ambermill was located atop a dormant ley line energy node, and in order to combat the Forsaken and other menaces, the Kirin Tor has attempted to reactivate the node.[1]


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