The Decrepit Ferry

The Decrepit Ferry

The Decrepit Ferry used to be the location of a ferry service that transported goods and people across Lordarmere Lake and to the Fenris Island, where the opposing dock can be seen. The scourge has now secured the ferry for their own devious ends. Skeletal warrior and ghouls guard the area, while the Rot hide Gnolls grave robbers use this ferry to transport the desecrated corpses to Fenris Isle. Their latest capture can be seen in the boat pulled halfway out of the water on the north side of the dock.

Fenwick Thatros, whom Varimathras believes to be a leader of the undead in Silverpine, can be found in the middle of the pier. He drops Inv misc head undead 01 [Fenwick's Head] needed in the questHorde 15 [16] Fenwick Thatrosω τ ϖ.

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