Alliance 32 Elwynn Forest
Level 1-12
Elwynn Forest
CapitalGoldshire (7,000)
RacesTemplate:Race Icon Human Male SmallTemplate:Race Icon Human Female Small Human (7,000)

Template:Race Icon HighElf Male SmallTemplate:Race Icon HighElf Female Small High elf (1,500)
Template:Race Icon Dwarf Male SmallTemplate:Race Icon Dwarf Female Small Ironforge dwarf (700)
Template:Race Icon HighElf Male SmallTemplate:Race Icon HighElf Female Small Half-elf(500)

Template:Race Icon Dwarf Male SmallTemplate:Race Icon Dwarf Female Small Wildhammer dwarf (300)
RulerMarshal Dughan
Major settlementsNorthshire Abbey (500)
Eastvale Logging Camp (1,000)
LocationCentral Azeroth

Elwynn Forest is a vast woodland where the majority of the humans live and is the starting point of all human characters. It is under guardianship of the kingdom of Stormwind, but has its own democratic government. Though much of the forest was burned down during the First War, trees and lush glades have grown anew. Stormwind lies in the northwest part of the forest and is heavily patrolled by the Stormwind guards.LoC

Garrison guards scattered throughout the forest attempt to keep the lands safe from the forces of the Horde, as well as the various wild creatures, hostile humanoids, and the Defias Brotherhood, which has various staging camps around the woods. Elwynn is generally a peaceful forest, but if travelers wander too far from the main roads they may encounter hidden dangers lurking in the shadows.

History Edit

Elwynn was the site of many battles in the First War, in which the kingdom of Azeroth fell to the orcish Horde. After the fall of Stormwind Keep, Elwynn became the domain of the Stormreaver and Twilight's Hammer clans.

Following the liberation of Azeroth by the Alliance of Lordaeron, the forest has been returned to its prior pastoral beauty. The kingdom was renamed to Stormwind sometime after the Third War. The city of Stormwind, the town of Goldshire, and the abbey at Northshire have all been rebuilt, and the land shows no trace of its unhappy past.

Notable characters Edit

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Elwynn Forest is home to several humans of status. From the base camp in Northshire, Marshal McBride sends promising young humans out into the world. In Goldshire, Marshal Dughan leads the effort to reclaim Elwynn from the kobolds, and from his post outside Eastvale Logging Camp, Guard Thomas seeks to investigate the foothold the murlocs have established in the forest.

Quests Edit

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Wild creatures Edit

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