The greymane wall

The Greymane Wall

The Greymane Wall is a large wall with a portcullis, located at the southern edge of Silverpine Forest (near Pyrewood Village) and the northern edge of Gilneas. It was erected after the Second War by Genn Greymane, as the nation of Gilneas isolated itself from the Alliance due to a dispute surrounding the internment camps for the orcs.

The Greymane Wall is the only evident site in Gilneas. This enormous gray wall marks the boundary between Gilneas and Lordaeron. No guards stand at its battlements or man its gates — the wall seems dead. Nevertheless, refugees from the north camp in the wall’s shadow, hoping for succor. These unfortunates never see a Gilnean and are easy prey for the worgen that occasionally stray this far south from Shadowfang Keep.LoC 97

It is believed that those on the other side in Gilneas may have been spared from the plague, though no word has been heard from them. Many refugees that have escaped the plague have made camp outside of the wall, but its gates have yet to open.

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