Maldens Orchard

Malden's Orchard

Malden's Orchard is a small orchard in northern Silverpine Forest. The trees in the orchard ,like the rest of the forest, are dark and evergreen. The name Malden must refer to the orchard's former owner, though any Malden is long gone since the coming of the Scourge.

Recently, large numbers of black worgs have taken up residence around the orchard and its single small cottage. When the Deathstalkers, Rane Yorick, Quinn Yorick, and Erland McKree were conducting their reconnaisance mission, Erland was tasked with exploring Malden's Orchard. When he arrived he encountered the numerous worgs and was forced to take refuge within the abandoned cottage. He has aleardy been pinned down for several days when he gives the escort quest Horde 15 [11] Escorting Erland.

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