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This item is provided for Alliance 15 [5] Report to Goldshire.

Marshal McBride's Documents as a quest objectiveEdit

This item is an objective of Alliance 15 [5] Report to Goldshire.


REPORT: Kobolds

The activity of kobolds has increased in the vicinity of Northshire Valley. They camp north of the abbey and within the Echo Ridge Mine in alarming numbers. I have marshalled paladins, warriors and other local folk to aid me in ridding us of the vermin.

This progresses well. And I will update as needed.

REPORT: Thieves

More alarming than the kobolds, a human gang of thieves has emerged in the valley. They wear red bandanas and call themselves a brotherhood. This level of organization may lead to trouble, both here and in all of Elwynn Forest.

We have identified one of their leaders--one Garrick Padfoot--and hope to bring him to justice soon.

REPORT: Wolves

There has been an increase in reported animal attacks in Northshire. Eagan believes the wolves in the valley were scared here from Duskwood.

Although the wolves rarely hunt human prey, the sheer number of them has caused some incidents with farmers. And many livestock have gone missing.


The bearer of these documents is to be awarded Deputy status with the Stormwind Army, having served Northshire with eagerness and distinction. I am confident you will find this person useful in Elwynn Forest.

Signed: -Marshal Douglas McBride, Stormwind Army, Northshire

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