Alliance 32 Surena Caledon
StartGakin the Darkbinder
EndGakin the Darkbinder
Level100 (Requires 10)
CategoryElwynn Forest
Experience625 EXP (or 3Silver 90Copper at level 70)
PreviousAlliance 15 [10] Gakin's Summonsω τ ϖ
NextAlliance 15 [10] The Bindingω τ ϖ

Objectives Edit

Retrieve Surena's Choker for Gakin the Darkbinder in Stormwind.

Description Edit

I had a student named Surena Caledon. She stood where you stand now, eager to learn of warlock magic, and possessing no small bit of talent. More than that she was young and pleasing to the eye. Had I seen it then, the traitorous trollop! The thieving wench ran off with one of the Defias, Erlan Drudgemoor. While her loss is of little importance, I gifted her a bloodstone choker that I must have. Her life means nothing to me now. You will find her at the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch. Retrieve what is mine.

Progress Edit

Even the older and wiser can be unmanned by the wiles of youth and beauty, <name>. A piece of advice you would do well to remember throughout your life.

Completion Edit

Surena was talented, but not enough so to gain mastery of warlock magic on her own. It's a shame to see talent wasted, but sometimes it is necessary. I hope my investment in you will bear different results.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 625 XP (or 3Silver 90Copper at level 70)

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