Alliance 32 The Binding (Alliance) (1)
StartGakin the Darkbinder
EndGakin the Darkbinder
Level10 (Requires 10)
CategoryElwynn Forest
Experience625 EXP (or 3Silver 90Copper at level 70)
PreviousAlliance 15 [10] Surena Caledonω τ ϖ
Not the version of this quest you were looking for? See The Binding.

Objectives Edit

Using the Bloodstone Choker, summon and subdue a voidwalker, then return the Bloodstone Choker to Gakin the Darkbinder in Stormwind.

Description Edit

By retrieving my choker and besting Surena, you've proven that you're at least as capable as she was. With that said, I can tell you're direly in need of training. You can manage the flows of magic, yes, but being a warlock is much more than that. I will show you how to command a voidwalker, but before I can, you must call one forth at a summoning circle and subdue it using whatever weapons--physical and magical--you have at your disposal. Use the magic of this choker at the summoning circle below.

Progress Edit

I cannot show you how to control a voidwalker until you have overtaken one.

Completion Edit

You did better than I expected, <name>, but as well as I'd hoped. Now, you can learn to command your subjugated voidwalker, an ally you will find valuable in the trials that are sure to stand before you. I have nothing more to teach you at the present, but I am far from done with you, <name>.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 625 XP (or 3Silver 90Copper at level 70)

Quest progression Edit

To the summoning circle from Gakin Edit

  • (39,85): Gakin the Darkbinder, the quest giver in Stormwind City.
  • (39,86): walk down ramp to the back of quest giver.
  • (39,86): continue down stairs.
  • (38,86): take a right.
  • (39,85): walk down stairs to the right.
  • (39,87): take left & look for stairs on left wall of small passage.
  • (40,86): take stairs down from passage.
  • (39,84): The summoning circle is the purple symbol in the floor.

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