Alliance 32 Wanted: Hogger
StartWanted Poster
EndMarshal Dughan
Level11 (Requires 5)
CategoryElwynn Forest
Experience450 XP (or 5Silver 40Copper at max level)
Reputation+250 Stormwind
Rewards[Footman Tunic], [Stormwind Guard Leggings] or [Balanced Fighting Stick]


Slay the gnoll Hogger and bring his Huge Gnoll Claw to Marshal Dughan.


Wanted: Hogger

A huge gnoll, Hogger, is prowling the woods in southwestern Elwynn. He has overpowered all attempts at his capture.

The Stormwind Army has placed a generous bounty on the Gnoll. To earn the reward, bounty hunters should bring proof of Hogger's demise to Marshal Dughan in Goldshire.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest leather 09
[Footman Tunic]
Inv misc questionmark
[Stormwind Guard Leggings]
Inv staff 08
[Balanced Fighting Stick]


Yes, Hogger has been a real pain for me and my men. You have something to report about the beast?


Hah! Well done! I was starting to think no one would take down that monster!

Here you are, <name>. And thanks - that Gnoll was giving me a headache the size of Blackrock Spire!


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