The Sepulcher

The Sepulcher

The Sepulchre is in the northwestern Silverpine Forest, snugly tucked within the Silverpine Hills. The monument is a large crypt and graveyard surrounded by abandoned buildings.(LOC)The gloomy Forsaken have converted the old crypt into their base of operations for Silverpine Forest. With Worgen to the south, the Scourge to the east, and the forces of Dalaran to the southeast, it is one of the only places of safety for the Horde in the entire zone. The Sepulcher has a Mining and Blacksmithing Trainer, an innkeeper, a mailbox, a bat handler, several vendors, and some quest givers.

Travel Connections Edit

Flight Edit

Horde 15 The Undercity
Horde 15 Tarren Mill

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