Sorcerer Ashcrombe is a level 18 elite named human imprisoned in the haunted castle fort Shadowfang Keep. Deathstalker Adamant is in a nearby cell. After Rethilgore has been defeated, Alliance players can ask Ashcrombe to open the gate to the rest of the instance.


Icon-shortcutSee also: Shadowfang Keep NPCs.

Quotes Edit

Rethilgore dies:

  • Deathstalker Adamant says: Re'ka kagg tov'osh gezzzno mog thukad.( About time someone killed the wretch!)
  • Sorcerer Ashcrombe says: For once I agree with you... scum.


  • "At last! I am finally free from this cell! The Kirin Tor sent me from Dalaran to investigate Arugal's progress with the undead here in Silverpine Forest. Little did we know that the wizard had lost his grasp on sanity. I must report this mess at once! But before I leave, allow me to undo the magical lock on the courtyard door. You defeated Rethilgore, perhaps you will survive what lies beyond..."

Gossipgossipicon Please unlock the courtyard door.

  • Sorcerer Ashcrombe says: Follow me and I'll open the courtyard door for you.
  • Sorcerer Ashcrombe says: I have just the spell to get this door open. Too bad the cell doors weren't locked so haphazardly.
  • Sorcerer Ashcrombe says: There it is! Wide open. Good luck to you conquering what lies beyond. I must report back to the Kirin Tor at once!

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