Tower of Azora

The Tower of Azora[63, 70] is a small mage tower in Elwynn Forest, located east of Goldshire and northwest of the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch. The tower is run by a number of servants of Azora, who all appear to be Gnomish, and who are in turn presided over by the Archmage of Azora, Theocritus. The denizens of the tower are in a constant feud with the inhabitants of the Tower of Ilgalar in Redridge Mountains, ruled over by the evil sorcerer Morganth. The two towers are constantly spying on one another through magical means.

Inside the tower are several vendors and, most notably, the Artisan enchanter for the Alliance.

Eye of Azora Edit

Main article: Eye of Azora

Upon the table on the top floor is a magical artifact named the Eye of Azora which allows anyone who touches it to see the surroundings of the Tower of Ilgalar. It is placed there during the quest A Watchful Eye.

Inhabitants Edit


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